Tom HartHi I am Philip and I welcome you to my site. Let me tell you a story of mine that entirely changed my life. When I was a kid my mother loved to spoil me with sweets. I ate cooked food but almost no vegetables and fruits. I was used to an unhealthy food and vegetables were my night mare, if I am honest.

Yes, I was spoiled but that was not the worst thing. I went to a regular doctor’s checkup that showed increased blood sugar levels. The doctor told me the facts when I was 20 years old. I was diagnosed with prediabetes. This was my alarm that I must change my lifestyle, if I want to live without medicines in the future.

I needed a few days to accept this diagnose but then I decided to change everything. I started to research and learn about diabetes and healthy food. I was surprised how sugar damages the veins and cause other modern diseases as cancer. Days passed by and I was addicted with learning about a healthy lifestyle. I knew that I must change my nutrition habits and start to exercise. I talked with my mother and we decided that she will give her best by cooking healthier meals.

What you eat regularly is crucial for your well-being but exercise is also a part of a healthy lifestyle. After my diagnose, I went on internet and came up to a YouTube video that draw my attention. It was a video about HIIT. It is a high-intense interval training that includes all body muscles in the workouts. This video was a start of my new journey of a better life. I started to do HIIT slowly and day by day I become more powerful. Time passed and I was addicted to doing HIIT every day for half an hour.

My blood sugar decreased and the change on my body was obvious. I told my doctor about a new change and he praised the idea. With proper nutrition and regular workouts I achieved my biggest goal – to become a healthy person who will take advantage of life opportunities that come on my way.

Hiit Freak is an upgrade of my passion for you to change your life and start taking the life opportunities! Don’t let the food control you or anything else. Take things in your hands and take a step with me to a better life.