Smart Goals For Weight Loss Examples For Your Success

Smart Goal For Weight Loss Examples

We will talk about smart goals for weight loss examples that you should consider in life.  Do you know principles that can improve the chance of your success? Let see this example. What drives a student to pass the test? I think his main goal is to finish the school. He will move forward step by step if  he  will be motivated enough.

Goal-Setting Theory

In late 60’s, doctor and professor Edwin Locke developed a theory of goal-setting with Professor Gary Latham. The research was made in the field of industrial organization. It showed the inductive link between setting a goal and better production performance.

The theory is based on the value of the goals as the biggest source of motivation. The goals should have a motivation function. It is also encouraging, make us persistent and have an impact on  working strategies.

Specific goal reduces the variability of success. The authors claim that people with more ambitious and attainable goals have better performance. Nevertheless, this theory was presented for workers in industry. With knowledge of motivation theories we can adopt it in our diet goal.

Smart Goals For Weight Loss Examples

Let’s take a closer look which are the five-goal setting principles.

These principles will improve your chance for successsmart goals for weight loss examples

    • Clarity
    • Challenge
    • Commitment
    • Feedback
  • Task complexity

1. Clarity

If you read these principles, you should understand it. First is clarity. With clarity, we mean that you specify what, where and how you will do for accomplishing your goal. If your goal is weight lose, you should know how to accomplish it. Find your way that will make your workout and nutrition easy and without stress.

2. Challenge

Challenge is something that will motivate your during your work towards victory. Think and set up a reasonable challenge. Think of a big goal. Why not? We have just one life, and we can do what we believe in.

However, I have a recommendation. Set up a few smaller goals that you will follow easier. The accomplishment of each of these goals will motivate you even more. In this way, you will not lose motivation torwards big goal. And please don’t have any excuses when thinking of a workout, just start it.

Take a step more and write or draw your smaller goals and have it in front of your eyes every day. It will remind and motivate you of the purpuse your work.

3. Commitment

Commit to yourself that you will accomplish your goal. People set different goals that they abandon soon because of lack of motivation. Motivation is linked to a goal. What goal was made by a person who commits that he will start a diet in New Year? Many of these goals fail, why? Well, I think many of these goals aren’t real. If this person will commit to healthy life, then he won’t need a New Year’s goal. Commit to yourself and be honest.

4. Feedback

In your path to success you will have questions. Maybe you will want to know how many pounds you can lose per month or is your dieting healthy, etc. The best source of information is your doctor or a specialist (a nutritionist, a personal trainer) who will answer those questions. Educate, learn and don’t hesitate to ask for more information.

5. Task complexity

When you set up a goal, the next step is taking action. The action tasks can be easy or difficult for the person. If you find something uncomfortable doing, or it is too hard for you, stop that action and try to find answers. We have many people who are educated and experienced in different fields and willing to help us.

Everything is hard at the starting point. Start to exercise slowly and don’t be harsh on yourself. Changing your eating habits can also be difficult, so start step by step. Believe me, we all have similar doubts and challenges regarding weight loss.


A consultant and former Director of Corporate Planning for Washington Water Power Company, George T. Doran, was first who wrote a paper about acronym SMART. The paper is called There’s an S.M.A.R.T. way to write management’s goals and objectives.

See the quick overview of SMART Setting Goal for losing weight.

Goal Is The Key

finding your wayWhat you want to accomplish in your life must be planned well. Think of your pros and cons, what exercise can you do, which will make you happy and non-stressed.

Figure out what exercise makes you happy. There is no need for a heavy workout. It can be dance, a walk or something that you enjoy.

Setting a goal is next step. Even if we chose to dance to lose weight, we must set a goal.

And what next? Do it and stick with it. Soon you will know if you found your path. If not, go and find another!

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